CPN - Converged Private Networks

MPLS WAN Solutions – Improve Security, boost network performance and reduce costs!

CPN (Converged Private Networks) – a way to increase performance and remain reliable, while ensuring the highest level of security for your business.

Ensuring you have the ideal solution for a multi-site business is key to guaranteeing your business stays away from unexpected delays.  CPN is a fully managed MPLS WAN solution that, while improving service, reduces costs.

Working alongside a single, dedicated supplier comes with the added benefits of Horizon and SIP Trunks working together with an MPLS core network. This also results in a secure point of contact for you, with a team that know you, your business and your products.

IBT can provide you with network-wide service level agreement, and a system that can be managed centrally and efficiently.  To provide the upmost level of security our next generation firewall will protect all access to your VPN; including mobile and remote workers.

Benefits of Converged Private Networks

Network Monitoring

- Giving you the ability to see what technology is available within your business
- Operate it yourself or through your service provider

Reduce Business Risk

- Reliable Network
- Enhanced communication with supplier
- Durable access

Scalable Bandwith

- Easily adaptable to the size and location/s of your business
- Your network is future proofed

Lower Voice and Data Costs

- Competitive call rates
- FREE site-to-site calls
- Great investment of cost

Improved Productivity

- Access to company data through a secure network, wherever you are working
- Reduction of poorly performing services
- Higher quality of video conferencing

Application Prioritisation

- High quality voice and video calls
- Uninterrupted access to tools that enable business development

Commercial Options

- You choose the term
- Wide variety of deals and ability to make changes throughout
- No upfront costs!

Ease of Operation

- Fewer staff required
- Single supplier
- Enhanced business opportunities

Is CPN right for my business?

  • If you want to increase the quality of service and benefit from saving costs due to running IP voice solutions and data over a private network, rather than legacy leased lines.
  • YES – if you want to achieve operational benefits from running all data and IP voice traffic over a network supplied by the same vendor.
  • If you are after a better deal in relation to cost, management, security and performance then a CPN is what you need! If your current MPLS service is coming to a close, then a Converged Private Network will only enhance your business productivity.
  • In need of flexibility, adaptability and ease of expansion then the flexible MPLS WAN solution will be there to support you.
  • Talking of flexibility – Do you have staff that travel, work remotely or communicate often via video conferencing? A Converged Private Network supports all collaborative applications.

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