Standalone – no need for a PC network

The Switch2 from Paxton is a perfect access control system if you require a standalone platform for external doors. Unlike the Net2, Switch2 does not require a PC network. This means that each door is individually added to the platform. If you are a small business that is growing Switch2 offers a small initial investment with the opportunity to grow as needed.

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Simple card administration


Cost saving

External doors


Paxton Switch 2 Installer Hertfordshire

How does it work?

Comprising of a separate control and access panel the compact features enable the Switch2 to be easily installed. If a fob is lost it can be effortlessly barred by presenting the shadow card to the reader, ensuring no unauthorised access! With different coloured fobs you are also able to monitor who has access to what areas.

For example:

Members: Green Areas Only
Admin: Green and Amber Areas
Management: All Areas

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