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Akixi 1000

Giving you a greater insight into your real-time call analytics,
Akixi 1000 aids the management of your telephone resources.
Akixi’s enhanced analytics allows you to analyse call traffic
more deeply, reporting on unreturned and lost calls. This
comprehensive reporting aims at minimising potential lost revenue.

With extensive reporting Akixi 1000 generates scheduled emailed
statistics in list, chart of BFL format. The Akixi 1000 wallboard gives
employees up-to-date call stats within the office or via the mobile app.

Akixi 1000 Image

Akixi 2000

Akixi 2000 provides your business with advanced call management
and analytics solutions while including all the Akixi 1000 features.
The advanced benefits of Akixi 2000 are the addition of call centre agent
reporting, group reporting and account/disposition codes. Giving your
supervisors the ability to manage operations more efficiently. With more
in-depth and accurate call centre management reports your business KPIs
offer a more valuable insight, in turn improving consistency
and quality of customer contact.

Akixi 3000

The omnichannel product that enables accurate analytics and
flexible reporting not just for calls but emails too, Akixi 3000.
Akixi 3000 gives your business the all round communication
strategy. Akixi agents are able to make use of their own omnichannel
panel on their windows desktop. Enabling them to sign in and out
of queues and groups, change their state and be notified of new
group contacts.

A beginner's guide to Akixi - working with hosted telephony platforms


Abandoned call recovery

Identify how many sales enquiries you’re missing every day

Calls by time/day

Discover when your incoming calls peak and ensure your team is sufficiently resourced to cope

Financial statistics

Assign estimated order values to successful inbound & outbound calls, specifying a call strike rate, and you will then see the potential revenue in the queue of calls waiting


With highly customisable tiles


Schedule customised reports to be emailed directly to your inbox


Choose the service level that suits your business: Akixi Lite, 1000, 2000 or 3000

Frequently asked questions

If you are wanting to know more about where your calls come from, how long they last, calls you may have missed or motivate your team with real time stats a call management software enables this. As a result of this you can manage your business more effectively while displaying to agents your business KPIs on the Akixi wallboard.

A call management system enables you to monitor and manage your incoming/outgoing calls. Akixi call management software optimises handling call traffic to ensure your businesses resources are used effectively.

Whichever sector you work in and whatever business size Akixi has a call management software that is right for you. Call us today to find out what would be the best solution for your business.

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