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Simple and easily scalable

Paxton’s Net2 access control system has been designed with the end user in
mind. Unlike many access control systems Net2 is modern, with a
professional edge. Making use of the technologies we turn to in the modern
day business world, for example video calling, smart apps and keyless entry,
Net2 reflects an ‘anyone can use it’ ideology.

Net2 is a network based access control system, meaning it runs from a PC
Network. Giving you the ability to administer the Net2 software from a
centralised system. From your system you will be able to set access privileges
for staff and visitors simply at the click of a button. The Net2 software
also enables you to run reports, integrate with CCTV, set an intruder alarm
and much more.

For full software features please call 01438 355 355 and select sales to speak to one of the team.

PC based system

Door entry & wireless handles

Modular design

Event reporting

Integrations available

Triggers and actions

Why Net2?

The entry Premium monitor is now available with a host of new features and is a great place to start. Included as standard Net2 now offers free personalised options and concierge management. With just three
components required: monitor, controller and door panel you wont even notice the new equipment. To ensure you have the right look each panel can
be selected to suit its needs: flush, surface mounted or hooded for weather protection. Day or night won’t be an issue for your panels as the Net2 system is designed with low light sensitivity giving you 24hr visibility.

Worried about intruders?

Don’t be – Net2s intruder alarm is easily accessible from the entry panel.  Meaning you can lock up at the end of the day and leave worry free.

Receptionist off?

With SIP compatibility you can grant a visitor access through your smart phone, iPad or PC. If no one is there to assist a voicemail or video message can be left.

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