3CX – Making installation and management worry free

With a range of pre-configured templates 3CX offers easy installation alongside a variety of UK SIP Trunk providers. The ‘Plug & Play’ interoperability of IP phones allows for automatic configuration and with the tried and tested range of 3CX IP Phones any interop issues will be avoided. With automatic updates and a global IP blacklist included as standard 3CX also takes care  of your security.

Remain in control

Remain in control by creating, editing and deleting extensions and DDI’s as and when you need to. Keep on top of upgrades for your IP Phone firmware while also having the ability to reprovision and reboot your IP Phones remotely. Need to add contacts? You can easily import or delete one, or all, contacts at once.

On-premise or in the cloud? You choose!


  • Select your cloud provider: Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and many more…
  • Get a free standard licence (Upgrade to Pro/Enterprise at a cost)
  • Retain control of your data
  • PBX Express configuration


  • Install on an existing Windows or Linux machine
  • Direct data control
  • Deploy on a MiniPC Appliance or Raspberry PI!
  • Hyper-V, VMware or KVM – Virtualise and segregate

Significantly reduce costs

3CX could potentially decrease your phone bill by 80%! With licensing based on the number of simultaneous calls and not extensions you pay per PBX. Interoffice calls and branch calls are free while the addition of integrated web conferencing reduces travel costs. Reduce outbound call charges by making use of prominent SIP trunks – overall drastically cutting the costs of your telco expense.

16 £336 £554 £672
24 £506 £835 £1012
32 £761 £1256 £1552
48 £1148 £1894 £2296
64 £1526 £2518 £3052
Contract Length: Annual Licence / subscription

3CX App

  • Use your extension anywhere
  • Free VoIP calls from your smart phone
  • Get ‘PUSH’ notifications


  • Work remotely anywhere
  • See the status of colleagues
  • Obtain reports
  • Includes wallboard and Q-Manager

3CX Live Chat

  • Chat, call and meet with your customers all through your website
  • No additional charge or subscription

Video Conferencing

  • Fully integrated
  • Free for up to 250 users
  • Conferance call in a single click
  • Correlated operability between VoIP and video

Next Gen Call Centre Feature

  • Queue strategies and real time stats
  • Call centre reporting
  • CRM integration (Salesforce, Office 365 & more)

WebRTC Softphone

  • Make calls from your browser
  • Integrate WebRTC technology resulting in reduced bandwith
  • Multi-functional web-based softphone with inclusive UC features

Frequently asked questions

3CX works on an annual license. You are required to renew your license each year in order to keep the services provided to you and maintain functionality of the PBX. Please note there is a ‘free standard’ license that does not require renewal as it has stripped back features.

3CX pricing is for unlimited users. You pay for the amount of simultaneous calls you require.

Licensing is based on how many calls you need to make concurrently at one given time – including internal calls. i.e. if you have 4SC you can only have 4 active calls at any given point.

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