Ethernet Leased Line

The ultimate, superfast, dedicated connection. From £249pm!

Invest in a strong, dedicated ethernet leased line for your business.

If your business is looking for a fast, reliable and cost-effective connection to your premise a leased line is the way forward.

IBT offer a full range of Fibre Ethernet services with speeds of up to 10Gbps providing committed, secure, uncontended connection for all your voice and data needs. An Ethernet Leased line is ideal for organisations wishing to converge voice and data on a single connection.

In contrast to a generic Broadband connection Ethernet leased lines allow for the upstream and downstream capacity to be equal. With most businesses being supported by the cloud this ease of data transfer is essential.

GBVS – Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

If you are a small to medium sized business you could be eligible for a grant of up to £2500. With the enhancement of the optical fibre infrastructure the Government has allocated £200 million to ensure businesses stay up-to-date and connected.

Call 01438 355355 to see if your business qualifies.


Avoid the slow period. A dedicated line means a fast, reliable speed – constantly!


Conference calls happening on 3 different floors…? Not to worry your file sharing, downloads and uploads will remain just as speedy.


Have peace of mind we will be there for you with our bespoke Service Level Agreements.

Cost Effective

Now is the time do make the switch! You’ll only ever pay for the band width you need, alongside our fixed upfront costs.

24/7 Monitoring

Leave the monitoring to us – we will looking after your service day and night.

Instant Reports

With our online tracking system you will be able to see what’s happening whenever you like. Follow your business growth with ease.

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Frequently asked questions

Pricing is based upon the connection you would like. Having a leased line is slightly more expensive than your Fibre Connection BUT if staying connected is something you cannot put a price on it may be worth looking at making the switch.

Most probably yes. But take a look to see While you’re there take a look at all the information. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Ensuring your business is well connected is key to making your business run smoothly. Having a strong, stable, reliable connection is therefore the way forward. If your business already makes use of IP telephony, cloud based projects and video conferencing then a leased line will ensure these applications run with ease.

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