Horizon Hosted Telephony

The UK’s leading business VoIP phone system

Horizon hosted telephony is a complete business communications service

The service provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

Giving businesses with 5 to 5000 employees full accessibility and management.

Horizon combines handsets, a web portal and mobile applications to deliver a reliable and flexible telephony system using a voice assured connection and the power of the world’s leading call controller platform from Broadsoft.

Included in your Horizon package:

Call Recording

A way to not just protect staff and customers, but offer staff training and increase staff productivity.

Real-time Wallboard

Gain valuable market insight and call statistics. Generate information quickly. See higher return of investment.

UC Ability

Make remote working simple, cost effective and productive! No matter where you work ensure you have the same secure system.

Call Logging

Ensure you know who has called and when. Facilitating ease of call tracking and customer communications.

Advanced Call Routing

Manage your calls anywhere, anytime. Divert calls when needed. Forward to a landline or mobile – Enabling higher levels of flexible working.

Music/Marketing On Hold

Increase customer experience by letting them know what products are on offer. Ease their wait time with a relaxing playlist.

Pricing Plans


£ 9
  • Free UK Local and National calls
  • Free Handset
  • Voicemail


£ 11
  • Free UK Local and National calls
  • Free Premium Handset
  • Free Weekday 9-5 Support


£ 13
  • Free UK Local, National and Mobile Calls
  • Free Premium Handset
  • Free Installation, Training and Weekday 9-5 Support

Advantages of Horizon Hosted Telephony

Frequently asked questions

A hosted phone system uses IP (Internet Protocol) and is based within the cloud. Meaning your phone is not based at your place of work, it is directed to you through an internet connection. Calls then reach your office through a handset linked to the internet.

The short of it is YES! Number portability is the term you will hear when discussing the transfer of your current phone number. In most cases a number port is possible unless you are moving to an alternate geographical location.

Not to worry we have you covered! A built in DR (Disaster Reliability) plan can be put in place. This is a free service provided to ensure no calls or business communication is missed. Divert easily to a mobile or alternate line. In some cases some manual intervention will need to happen but ensuring a DR in active will ease your internet loss worries.

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