Converged Broadband

Reduce costs with one reliable voice and data connection

If you are wanting a reliable, high performance connection for your telephony and internet access Converged Broadband is the way to go.
Where you would have previously needed to install an IDSN line, converged broadband provides one product that ensures both your voice and data needs are met. Depending on the size of your company Converged Broadband covers 1 – 10 lines, while Converged FTTC Fibre Broadband covers 1 – 30 lines*.

*More than 30 lines? Converged EFM and Converged Ethernet lines can be put in place

How does it work?

Converged Broadband is operated via a single broadband connection. Making use of ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Ethernet services to ensure security across a range of channels and a strong internet access for any business size. IBT will work alongside your company to ensure a site survey and installation plan are put in place to make the transition as simple as possible. The end result: you have a one connection, one supplier and therefore one team in charge of your account.

Why should you opt for Converged Broadband?

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