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Give your employees and customers the security of joining a private internal Business Wi-Fi connection. With no need for a hard-wired connection your employees can connect to the internet from any device. Be it a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop your wireless connection will make it possible.

IBT offer a range of fully managed Wi-Fi solutions that enable fast roaming, with high quality structured cabling.

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Advantages of WiFi

The advantages of business Wi-Fi and how it can increase productivity in your place of work.

Customer Satisfaction

Ease wait times by giving visitors and customers the ability to sign on and feel comfortable browsing.

Enhanced Productivity

Enabling your employees to have flexibility in the workplace. Employees can move from desktop to tablet when required or hot desk if needed.

Employee Satisfaction

Facilitate staff demands with a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection.


By giving staff the ability to access documents and information online teams can work together, away from their desks, and still have everything at the touch of a button.

Simple, yet stronger foundation

Reduce the need for lengthy cables and wiring throughout your office building. Giving you a cleaner, smarter feel!

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Our Products and Suppliers

For all your business networking needs!

Ubiquiti are all for improving the overall networking experience. With high capacity Wi-Fi amps and a stylish display, Ubiquiti are challenging the expectations of internet connectivity. Wi-Fi access points can be installed internally and externally, ensuring you have powerful speeds in all climates.

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Improving your wireless LAN

Provide office wide LAN coverage with DrayTek’s wireless solutions. DrayTek is convenient and has the flexibility for you to monitor and maintain it’s performance. With site-wide coverage your DrayTek access point can automatically switch from one access point to another.

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For the new age of internet

Creating a strong and secure network Ruckus have a robust reporting platform ensuring you have consistently great Wi-Fi. Ruckus delivers fast, secure Wi-Fi enabling your employees and customers a constantly reliable connection.

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Frequently asked questions

In some cases, this can be a very easy fix. Firstly try deleting the network from your device and reconnecting. If this doesn’t work we recommend you reboot your Wi-Fi router. If you are still unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network please call us on 01438 355 355 and go through to technical; we will then endeavour to resolve the issue for you.

If you are experiencing a slow connection try rebooting your router or modem. This will reset the connection. If this does not work you may have a signal fault on your cable line or a device that is saturating the connection. If you are unsure and need support please call 01438 355 355 and go through to technical.

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